Saturday, October 13, 2012

Family Mission Statement (Part 5) ~ Day 13

 Good evening! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. :)

The past few days I shared with you what we chose to put in our family mission statement and why we chose it. As you can see, it was really important for my husband and I to base our statement on the scriptures. We prayed about this for awhile and for a couple weeks before we created our statement I jotted down scripture verses that stood out to me that I thought would be important to our God's vision. After asking each other the questions I talked about in part one  and reviewing the scriptures I made a rough draft and then used the paint (yea, really fancy huh?) program on my computer to make the final copy that hangs on our bulletin board.

Drum roll, please.

A constant reminder in who we are and what we should be focusing on as a family. I really encourage you to think about making one too. Please come back and share it with me if you do!

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