Saturday, October 20, 2012

50 Reasons Why I'm Thankful ~ Day 20

 I have to admit that lately life has been very challenging for me. I'll spare you all the details but I'll just say we have a lot going on. I'm praying for God's peace, patience and wisdom daily. Until things calm down I am hanging on to the gifts God has given me. I recognize them and embrace them. These are the things I will focus on. These are the things that matter.
1. The relationship I have with my Savior. - The knowledge I'll spend eternity with Him in heaven.
2.  My handsome husband - the one my soul loves. (Song of Solomon 3:4)
3. My Josie - her dimpled smile and endless energy.
4. My Delilah - her adorable laugh and deep emotions.
5.  Hope for a brilliant future. (Jeremiah 29:11)
6.  My parents - the loving foundation they gave me.
7.  My brother - his companionship and the way he challenges me.
8.  My Grandparents - Who taught me to love unconditionally, mind my manners, fish, be passionate about reading, enjoy cooking, and love cats.
9.  My BFF, Lydia. - You came when I needed you most. God knew just what I needed in a friend.
11.  My In-laws - I couldn't have married into a better family.
12.  Our health. Thank you for everyday they're in my life.
13.  My hunter cat, Jasper.
14. My loyal pup, Lola.
15. That we've never had to go hungry.
16. My creativity.
17. My peacemaker spirit. (Matthew 5:9)
18. My passion for cooking - that my husband is always happy with what I make.
19. The wisdom you give us through scripture.
20. The ability to read that scripture whenever I want.
21. Our last 3 years in Hawaii - the growth and adventure it's brought us.
22. Orders to Chantilly - prayers answered.
23. Money - thank you for blessing us, help us to bless others.
24. A life full of color. (especially coral and aquamarine)
25. Seasons. Seasons of life, seasons of the year. Always a fresh start around the corner.
26. New notebooks, new pens.
27. Getting lost in another world. - A good book, good movie, good television.
28. Snow.
29. Crunchy leaves.
30. Splashing in puddles.
31. The night that brings the moon and stars.
32. The day that brings the sun.
33. Sun warming my skin.
34. Freckles, dimples, & half grown in teeth.
35. The sound of laughter.
36. Seeing the mountains meet the sky.
37. Birthdays - a celebration of life.
38. Weddings - a celebration of love.
39. Christmas - a celebration of the birth of our King.
40. Coffee, coffee, & more coffee.
41. Road trips.
42. Baked goods. Warm bread, fresh baked cookies, gooey brownies.
43. Christmas music, Christmas decorations (that James always lets me put up on my birthday - November 7th), Christmas movies.
44. Hands to hold, tummies to tickle, lips to kiss.
45. Dance parties in the kitchen.
46. God's endless grace - learning to give myself the same grace he gives. (2 Corinthians 12:9)
47. Peaceful sleeping babies.
48. My online support groups - To my Lovely Mommas and Good Morning Girls, thank you for always being there when I need you. Your support, advice, and love is so important to me.
49. The friends that I grew up with. - You helped shape me and support me until I became the woman I am today. Thank you for being part of who I am.
50. My blog & those who read. - It's not easy for me to be so transparent. Thank you for being so supportive. I pray God uses me in big ways.

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