Monday, October 15, 2012

Beautiful Lord ~ Day 15

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Is it ever hard for you to pray or spend time with the Lord and not ask him for anything? I realized recently I am always asking him for something. Health, patience, energy, renewed relationships, that he would guide me to be a good mom and wife, that his hand would be on the upcoming election, etc. I often whisper to him my thanks through out the day but when I sit down to have a conversation with him I often drift back into asking him for more. Asking God for things is not a bad thing. How many times a day does my two year old express her need for me? Its natural for us to express our shortcomings to the Lord just as it is for her to express her shortcomings to me. But the most precious moments are when she rubs my arm with her little hand and says "I wub (love) you a bushew (bushel) and a pect (peck) mom." My heart desired to bring the same joy to God that my daughter brings to me. I sat down with my prayer journal (which i'll share more of tomorrow) and doodled "Beautiful Lord" across the top. Around it I wrote down what the Lord is to me and how he makes me feel. No asking, just giving my heart to him. You should give it a try. A few things I listed:
 You are worthy of my praise.

I am made complete by your love.

I am blessed by your gifts.

I am amazed by your creation.

I am humbled by your mercy.

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