Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let the challenge begin!

Today is day one of our 100 book challenge!

In honor of our challenge I thought i'd show you my awesome new nook cover. It is.. uhm.. awesome. I bought it on Etsy from The2SistersShoppe. I'm kind of a super hero nerd so it's just perfect for me. (Speaking of which you should totally go buy me this bag. I'd be your BFF fo' life! They say money don't buy happiness but apparently friendship costs $65..)

I'm really pleased with my purchase. My nook fits securely. It feels like its made really well. The shop has lots of other covers. I'm especially fond of this Dr. Suess cover and also this yellow iPad cover. I would definitely return to them for my future electronic cover needs. (I'm not being paid to review this, nor did I receive it for free for giving a good review. I just really really like it.)

Tonight I plan to download Dearie on my Nook and read if after I watch a movie with my handsome husband. Do you prefer eReaders or regular ole books? What is your first book of September?


  1. I started with a book called "The next thing on my list" by Jill Smolinski. It's a regular paper book. Pretty good so far, only in the second chapter lol. I prefer regular books so I can take them in the bath with me. Nothing like a hot bubbly tub and a good book to relax.

  2. I have still only gotten through maybe a few chapters. Lol. It's a challenge finding time to read. At this rate I will not get through 100 books. Haha. But I'm going to try!!!