Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brown Sugar Blueberry Cookies & Yaki Mandu

Brown Sugar Blueberry Cookies

I found this recipe over
at Sweet Pea's Kitchen and thought they looked pretty yummy. I'm not really a cakey cookie kinda gal but I had all the ingredients so I thought.. why not? I am SO glad I tried these. A huge hit for my whole family. Even the ones that don't love sweets.  Click on over and try them yourself!
Yaki Mandu

"Yucky Mountain Dew???" "No, Yaki Mandu!" "Oh, uhh.. bring me a couple more please."

I am generally pretty intimidated by Asian food. I grew up with a lot of spaghetti and my moms almost famous lasagna.  Anything of the Asian variety was delivered from our favorite restaurants. However, I saw these and immediately thought "Hey, I bet I could make those!" and make them I did! They were easy, fantastically yummy, and fun too. We served them with rice and that Spicy Thai Mango sauce. Head over to Seaweed & Sassafras2 and try them yourself!

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