Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The tricks to living without an air conditioner.

When we got back from our vacation on the mainland on July 22nd we sadly discovered sometime during our vacation our air conditioner stopped working. I know a lot of houses in Hawaii don't have A/C but most of those are designed with good airflow, our does not have good air flow. It was HOT! To make a long (and boring) story short.. our A/C didn't get fixed for thirteen days, worked for two days, then was broken for another two days, and finally was fixed again today (before I could finish this post it went out again! He should be back in a few hours to fix it again..). The last few weeks was stressful, long, and hot. However, I did learn a few tips to living without A/C..

1. Keep a good attitude. It sounds so simple but it really does make all the difference. Sometimes little things give us an excuse to justify unkindness. You snap at your kids, you're harsh with your husband, you're short-tempered to that woman on the phone.. but it's hot, the kids are hanging on me, anyone would be grouchy in this situation. Just because you have a reason to be grouchy doesn't mean you have the right to be grouchy. Make the best of this experience and be a good example to your children on handling life's curve balls with grace.

                                                               {Such a happy girl}

2. Cut yourself some slack. We ate out a lot, We watched too much TV, and I'm ok with that. It was too hot to do much inside.. we stayed planted in front of the fans, we did puzzles, played with blocks, we colored pictures, we played with toys.. but we also watched a lot of TV. I don't feel guilty about that and you shouldn't either. It was too hot to turn on the oven and I'm not a fan of most microwavable foods so we ate out a lot. I don't feel guilty about that and you shouldn't either. As moms we tend to have a lot of mommy guilt when we don't do what we are "supposed to do" but everyone is in different seasons of their life and have different priorities so just do what's right for you and let go of the guilt. (Plus, the people who decided you shouldn't watch tv so much or eat out so much probably had air conditioning :) )

       {We had two root beer floats that day in honor of National Root Beer Float day}

3. Get out and have some fun! Go for walks, play in the pool, visit some friends, walk around the mall, get a cold treat (ice cream/smoothie/slushie), visit a zoo, visit a museum, go see a movie, go to the beach. As long as you're out of the house, you're much less likely to be miserable. Plus you'll make some great memories!

{Delilahs first time in the pool - She loved it!}

How do you make due when it is so hot?


  1. We went all last summer without air conditioning (except wall units in the 2 bedrooms we had). It was brutal, especially in the kitchen. It definitely helped keep me thankful this year, though. Great tips, Ashley! Keep up the great work! I love your design and photos!

    1. Thanks, Kate!
      I can't imagine going aa whole summer without a/c in my kitchen. How did you bake??