Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Potty Train your Toddler using an iPad

   I was blessed with a very stubborn toddler. Josie is a really good girl, she just marches to the beat of her own drum. She is not easily influenced into something she doesn't want to do. I like that about her most of the time. This has been especially true in the area of potty training. She understands what a potty is for, when to use it, etc. She just chooses not to. I know she's just 26 months old but honestly, I'm really tired of having two kids in diapers.

We tried rewards, celebrations, candy, calling mimi or daddy to celebrate with.. everything we could think of. Little miss just wasn't feeling it.. nothing was worth slowing down for. She's a busy girl with things to do and the "peepee potty", as she calls it, was not on her agenda.

Until now! (Can you tell I'm smiling?)

Recently, on vacation, we decided to indulge and buy an iPad. Josie fell in LOVE with it and all the awesome apps they have for toddlers. (Expect a post on our favorite apps soon!) We didn't want her on it all the time, so we decided she could use it to be entertained on outings and also as a reward for using the potty.

We decided that every time she tinkles in the potty she gets 10 minutes of iPad time. When she goes #2 she will receive 30 minutes but she's only done that in the potty once a few months ago. I set the timer on the oven so when the time is up she hears the beep and knows it's time to give the iPad back to mommy or daddy until next time.

So far its been working great. She's been telling me she needs to go and keeping her diaper dry throughout most of the day. I'll keep you updated on whether or not it continues to work.

What worked for potty training your little one?

{Enjoying her reward}

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