Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oahu Spot: He'eia State Park

A few months ago James and I were experiencing a bad case of trapped-on-this-island fever wanted to get out and have some fun. We decided to go on a drive around the island, which is always a great reminder of how blessed we are to live here. I will spare you all the photos I took through the car windshield. However,  I wanted to show you this really rad place we found. (Yes, I just said rad. Deal with it. ;)

Once we had been driving for a little over an hour or so, the littles started getting a bit really cranky. I asked James to find us a place where it was safe for Josie to get out and run and I could sit and nurse Delilah for a few minutes. He found a random spot on the GPS and about 10 minutes (of screaming babies and stressful parents) later, we were there.. on a spot in the middle of a bridge? "Awesome choice, dear." (This moment of sarcasm, definitely not my proudest..) lo and behold just two minutes later we found He'eia State Park. (I'm so blessed to have a husband who still loves me at my worst. Sorry, my love!)

This park was beautiful, shaded by giant trees, lots of room for Josie to run, a variety of flowers to admire and smell. Oh, and did I mention.. had cats! There had to be 50 stray cats. All of them super sweet. They must be used to people, because most of them would just come right up and rub on your legs and beg for attention. Not only were there cats, but chickens as well. Even some with their baby chicks.

 Makes you wonder, if cats and chickens can live in harmony, why is it so hard for humans?

Anyways, this park was an awesome spot to stretch our legs. Josie loves cats, like her mama, so she was in heaven. Next time you're driving around Oahu, check out this park!

{1. mama chicken & chicks 2. Josie petting a kitty 3. So many cats! 4. That cat stuck his tongue out a lot 5. yawning 6. Josie loves kitties 7. Delilah and dada 8. Delilah and mama 9. Taking time to smell the flowers}

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