Friday, July 27, 2012

Oahu Spot: Bellows Beach Park

Today we went to James command picnic at Bellows Beach Park. We had driven past it before but never stopped for a visit. There is a public beach access and also a military beach access, we were at the military beach. Both part of the beach are beautiful.

My favorite part of this beach, there are tons of trees! I don't think I have ever seen a beach with so many trees before. The shade they gave was great heavenly. Even though we sat in the shade and put sunscreen on the girls, miss Delilah still got a sunburn. Does anyone have any good sunscreen recommendations?

Beach tip #1 - We have found that when going to the beach with littles, a laundry basket works wonders to haul beach gear. It holds much more than a beach bag, and as a bonus we can just hose it down after it inevitably gets filled with sand covered toys, wet towels, and pet rocks. (We brought home three today..)

Another thing I love about this beach, the sand! It was so fine and soft. The girls had a ball playing in it. James and I got to take a breather and wiggle our toes in it. It was wonderful. However, sand like that is the toughest to dust off when its tome to go home. I found a solution for that!

Beach tip #2 - Baby powder. Yes, baby powder! My best friends mom taught me this when we were growing up. If you dust baby powder over that dried sand on your feet (or if you're like me legs, arms, chest, forehead, etc..) it sucks up
 whatever moisture is making that sand cling to you and
 it dusts right off. Try it next time!

{The view to my right}
{The view to my left}
Overall it was a really great day. Next time you're headed for an Oahu beach, check this one out! For more information you can pop on over to this website. We will definitely try and visit again before we move next year.

Some cuteness for the road :)


  1. AHHH!!! Beautiful! I want to go to that beach!

    We use Banana Boat kids (SPF 50). I have to use it too because of my medication. I apply every two hours. Kaelyn has never gotten a sunburn :)

    I'm so bringing baby powder with us next time. I hate sand on me!

    1. I'll have to try the Banana Boat next time. I felt so bad for miss Delilah.